Latest Projects

Zaap Thai Restaurant Install

Need – The client was located in a busy city centre, their exist fumes from the extraction went out of the restaurant and into the direct proximity of many hundreds of inhabitants in nearby flats.

The Requirement

To permit the exhaust fumes to leave the premises pollutant free and odour free so nearby residents don’t encounter unwanted odour 24/7 of Thai food.

  • Odour Removal

Zapp Thai Ozone Install

The Install

Air was pulled out of the restaurant via ducting and at an angle the Aromozone 12″ 3 cell device sat with air blown through it in to a mixing point so that the air flow had mixture before exiting the ductworks.

The grill panel and box on the right of the duct works is where the ozone machine sat and fresh air is pulled through the ozone machine so that on exit through the main ducting system clean air was expelled. Enough ducting run off was given beyond this in order for the ozone to mix with the polluted air being dragged out of the restaurant before exiting the closed system.